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Working with DIAMONDdotmedia

We work hard to build great relationships with artists who are interested in taking the level of creativity in their projects up a notch!

Locations, lighting, props, models, exclusive camera equipment, advanced editing techniques, concepts/story lines; when it comes to directing music videos, we can handle it all! Headed by Jordan Gonzalez, our production team is top notch! The sky is the limit (and the budget of course). We work closely alongside each of our clients to fully understand, develop, and capture their vision perfectly! For information about collaborating on your next music video, please fill us in with as many details as possible in the form below and we will be back in contact within 24 hours! 

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Here are some of our latest music video projects!

To view more of our work, please check us out on YouTube!

Dooby- SoundwaveRVA freestyle

Hayden Hendrix- Heart Eyes

Noah O- 64 East

Noah O- Byrd Park

Sir Bey ft. Uriyah- Going In

Uriyah- Numbers